Our Vision

Our mission is to: “Love our neighbors, and be a bridge to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Our goal is to glorify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are excited and energized to live this out by:

  • Connecting to Almighty God in awe and reverence through deep worship; where we faithfully proclaim the Gospel, experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ through Holy Communion, prayerfully seek God’s will, and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live for Him.
  • Growing true disciples of Jesus Christ through a deepening knowledge of Holy Scripture, a deepening practice of prayer to live a holy life, and demonstrated by sacrificial generosity, humility, and fearlessness for the things of God.
  • Providing community through welcoming fellowship; where we pursue real relationships intentionally and demonstrate genuine care for our neighbor, are Good Samaritans in our community, and actively seek opportunities to serve those in need.
  • Going out with the love of Jesus Christ so that each person is a missionary in the place God has planted us; encouraging each person to develop their distinctive gifts for ministry, because each person has a part to play in God’s mission.
  • Building bridges to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ; knowing that life in Jesus is true life, surpassing everything this world can offer; that all our activities would develop people – no matter where they start in life or faith – into true disciples of Jesus.


Christ Church Between the Rivers is a mission of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, Anglican Church in North America.

We believe the historic Christian faith as revealed in the Bible. We believe and confess Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no one comes to the Father but by Him. We affirm our faith in the words of the Apostles Creed. As Anglicans, our doctrine is stated in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.

Pastor: The Rev. Greg Hampton

Bishop: The Right Rev. John Guernsey

Archbishop: The Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach